Family Connection

Homeroom Parents

At the beginning of the school year, Homeroom Parents will be chosen for each classroom.  Please feel free to volunteer for this wonderful opportunity!  This person will act as a point of contact for all other families in the class, will help support the teacher when necessary, will assist in the coordination of classroom holiday parties, and will take responsibility for the classroom's participation in school-wide events and fundraisers.  The primary responsibility of the homeroom parent will be initiating all correspondence to other families in their class.

Connecting at St. Paul's

Ways to make connections with the community at St. Paul's

  • Home Visit
  • Visiting Day
  • Welcome Coffees
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities: Fall Fundraising Committee, Homeroom Parents, DEI Committee,  school's Board of Trustees.

Home Visit

Before school begins,  your child's teacher will schedule a home visit. We look forward to making this connection with your family as the first step in our educational partnership. It is a time for families to ask questions, share expectations, and discuss any concerns about your child in preschool.  This visit also offers the teacher an opportunity to meet your child in the comfort of their own home providing your child with a warm and nurturing first experience with their teacher, and encouraging a comfortable transition into the new year.


Two formal conferences are scheduled during the school year, in the fall and spring.  During these conferences, we will discuss your child's strengths, likes, dislikes, and approaches to learning. Your child's teacher will share developmental goals and discuss observations of your child during their school day. We will partner with you to set goals specific to your child's growth and development. You may request additional conferences with the teacher and/or director regarding your child's progress at any time. We encourage you to communicate any concerns.

Welcome Coffee

Each year on your child's first independent school day, parents are invited to a welcome coffee. This is a time for you to enjoy refreshments during the first "short hours" day, to meet other families in the school, and to learn about the many volunteer opportunities for the upcoming school year.

Visiting Day

 For the first day of school, a familiy member will be invited to attend with their child. This abbreviated first day of school is designed to offer families a way to comfortably acclimate to school, other children, teachers, and the physical environment. Visiting day eases the trandition (back) to school.