St. Paul's Nursery School provides aid to families who need tuition assistance. The granting of aid is at the discretion of the Tuition Assistance Committee ("the Committee") of the Board of Directors.  The circumstances and identity of each family will be kept confidential.


  • The requesting family must complete the Tuition Assistance Application.  Aid requests should be submitted by April 1st in order to review them prior to payment of the first month's tuition.  Additional requests will be reviewed throughout the year at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Aid should be based on need and the family's ability to pay.  Aid should not typically exceed 50% of the annual tuition of the family, including multiple children, if applicable. 
  • If tuition assistance is requested for more than one year, a new Tuition Assistance Application must be completed and reviewed each year.
  • Payment plans will alwyas be available for families that cannot meet the normal payment schedule.  The Committee will approve the payment plan.
  • Families who do not pay their tuition in accordance with the Financial Agreement entered into by all families at the beginning of each school year, have not applied for approval of a payment plan or have not made a financial aid request are subject to denial of admission.  These families will be given two months' written notice to arrance a payment plan or submit a financial aid request.  Within thirty (30) days from giving this notice of program denial, the student(s) will no longer be authorized to attend class.  No child will be prevented from attending class in the presence of others students.